short film - Producer

Paul is thirty years old and has recently married Sara, his long-time fiancée. The first few months of the marriage pass by peacefully. What Sara, a naïve young woman with healthy principles, doesn't know, is that Paul was unfaithful to her during the months preceding the wedding.


Starring Enrico Silvestrin, Elodie Treccani, Vittoria Colonna



Cinematography by Armando Barberi

Film Editing by Stefano Tria

Assistant Director  Donye Sacco

Sound Recordist Antonio Dolce

Sound Mixer Gabriele Moretti

Set Designer Paola Peraro

Composer :Roberto Rosi

Costume Designer: Ursula Beltrame, Lea Schmitt


A THULE production | Year 2001 | Language Italian | Location Rome | 12mins | 35mm COLOR 1.85 | Stereo 

Our mistakes follow us everywhere.


Trevignano IFF  2001 (Italy)  Kodak Award

and best short-film


Arcipelago 2001 (Italy)

Premio Spoleto per il Cortometraggio (Italy)

Festival di Bellaria 2003 (Italy)

Gusto Corto 2002 (Italy)



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.